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A small company that works every day for a neat and clean Miami: one home or one office at a time


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Our History

Clean and Ready” is a project promoted by people with vast experience in the cleaning sector.

A few years ago, we realized that most small companies dedicated to this line of business only do that: cleaning, but since no procedure or quality standard governs each of the services that the service includes, many details are often left unattended.

We wanted that at the end of our work, there would be a single word that fully defines what we do: READY. This is how we were born, and we have been growing step by step, thanks to the preference of our satisfied customers.

What do we do?

We specialize in normal or deep cleaning houses, offices, and commercial facilities. Our staff is distinguished by:

  • has been previously identified for security reasons,
  • is fully trained,
  • punctuality is required from them, and to always comply with the “Ready” condition,
  • Procedures govern it, but they know how to be flexible if the situation demands it or the client requires it.

Trustworthy & Experienced

The satisfaction of our customers speaks for us. Step by step, and day after day we have earned their trust. We hope we can also count on yours.

Fully Insured

We comply with established standards and codes and always go the extra mile to ensure a clean and safe home or office.

No Contracts

Unless you request it, there are no obligations of any kind, not even a contract, which makes you feel more secure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure your satisfaction lasts by delivering the same or ever-higher quality standard.

Meet Some Staff Members

Our people are the greatest asset we have. They are the ones who create value and generate customer satisfaction.

Amanda Marcos

Amanda Marcos

House Expert



Team Leader

Bettina Rivas

Bettina Rivas

Office Expert

Happy Customers

“Alina and her team are incredible. They tell you they will do things right but then amaze you by always going a mile further. I recommend them with my eyes closed.” – Alicia Brown-Garcia.

“My office was in chaos. They came to clean it, but the atmosphere did not change until I met Clean and Ready. They are not an ordinary cleaning company. They set the scene, not just clean. Thank you.” – Marlon Fitz

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For any service you need or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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